Climate Makers is a tempstar dealer for one reason and one reason only. And that is, you the consumer. We say we want to impact the quality of your life and thats what we mean. Most people believe that the names like TRANE and other big name brands cost more because they are better systems. You get what you pay for correct? Not true when its comes to purchasing based on branding. The difference in the price of Trane and Tempstar does not prove its worth in the effeciency of the way the system works. Your only paying for the name. These systems have the same warranties and the same expected lifespans. The only differnce is if i wanted to give my company a better name and more business I would go with the bigger brand. But what about the customer when he has to buy the part that the warranty does not cover, that cost a substantial amount of money ( almost a rent payment) ? Then that means i’m only thinking about growing my business on the backs of my customers and not impacting the quality of their lives. Climate Makers does no such thing, we educate our customers on all their available options and give them the service they need and deserve.